Product Release | May 16, 2024

Download Documents in Original File Format | Product Improvements | Bug Fixes

New Feature Update

  • Download Documents in Original File Format

    Users can now download Documents in Original File Format. This update allow users to download errored files in Original File Format directly from the product. This feature facilitate the reprocessing of errored documents, since the reviewers are often not the original uploader.


    Only 5 documents can be downloaded in Original File format in a single request. The original files will be downloaded in your system. Errored files can only be downloaded in Original File format.

Fixes and improvements

  • Bulk Download Timeout: We’ve improved the handling of bulk download timeouts. When a timeout occurs due to large download volumes, a popup will now provide detailed time information and a clear call-to-action to navigate to the All Activity page. Additionally, users receive an email when their bulk download is ready.

  • Table Grid Improvements:

    1. Grid Navigation in Table Extractor Document Type
    2. Improvement in adding grids using Add Grids option.