Product Release | May 6, 2024

US Bank Statements - Fraud Detection, Analytics | Product Improvements | Bug Fixes

New Feature Update

  • US Bank Statements

    1. Fraud Detection: Detecting anomalies and fraud on bank statement documents. Learn more
    2. Bank Statement Analytics: Analytical metrics for bank statement transactions. Learn more.
  • Bulk Action improvements:

    1. Change Document Type and Document Retry: Improved bulk action prompts highlighting the consumption of credits.

    2. Save and Extract: Improved interaction while editing fields of a document type and applying the changes to all documents

  • Table Vision

    1. Improved Table Vision Extractor API
    2. Support for multiple independent table grids and grouping of similar grids.

  • Support for 25+ upto 100 Page Documents with Product caching

    1. We now have provision to process long documents
    2. Set additional parameter in document type setting - high_resource:TRUE

Fixes and improvements

  • Table Grid:
    1. Improved interaction for "Add New Row" feature.
    2. Optimized timeout for "Apply Changes" functionality.
  • Review Screen: Optimized color coding selection box positioning in the auto-extracted values.
  • Manual Split: Resolved an issue causing incorrect behavior.