Week 3

  1. Default summary for Finspread.

    Now get a default summary for your finspread documents. Key constituents of the default summary are:

    1. Transaction count

    2. Name of company

    3. Time period

    4. Total amount of different COA categories and sub categories

To enable this for your existing P & L and Balance sheet document types: Reset document type from settings . :)

  1. Auto repopulate COA categories based on the edits made to COA subcategory 2.
    Making edits to the Finspread documents got easier. Now change the COA subcategory 2 for any line item and the COA subcategory 1 and COA category will be auto repopulated based on the COA model you are using for your extractions.
  1. Persistent "filter" and "search" while switching between different tabs on "My documents"
    We have changed the way the search and filter works on your "My documents" page. Both filter and search query will now remain persistent upon switching between different tabs on this page.

  2. New filters for activity logs

    Filter your logs better using the new activity filters available on your activity page.

  3. Improved bulk download workflow
    Bulk download requests which are not instantly downloaded on your computer are now logged on the activity page. Once the file is ready to download, you receive an email along with the download link, also you get the downloadable link to this file in your activity logs.

Week 1

  1. Summary for Finspread Document

    Finspread extraction is now even cooler, you can now decide what you want see as the summary of the document under review.
    To do so all you have to do is, write a simple JS code which can be inserted inside the custom code block of your document settings.

  2. COA Mapping Validation
    Added a validation check while choosing the COA categorisation from document settings to map your own COA categories imported in database table. The validation check added is to verify if the file selected is correct to ensure error free mapping of the COA categories.

  3. Vertical Split View:
    We have added a new vertical split view for better user experience to your spreadsheet review screens. With this view you can visualise both the cleaned sheet and the original document on your screen, similar to the horizontal view but in a vertical fashion.
    To make use of it, you can use the view icon at the top right corner of the screen to set the view.

  4. Industry based COA Mapping
    For PNL and Balance Sheet we now have the COA model pre trained for SaaS and CRE industry, available for your use without any hassle.
    To make use of this new categorisation model all you have to do is enable COA custom model and choose the model for SaaS or CRE from the dropdown menu.

  5. Rent roll default custom code
    Now you can choose to have a custom summary for your rent rolls. Choose anything you would like to see on the summary section of the review screen for better decision making. You can make use of this option with a simple JS code which can be inserted inside the custom code block of your document settings.