Database Table and Dropdown Mapped

We have added a new feature to allow users to standardize and validate data extracted using data they might have on excel or database. Let's find out how to use this feature in simple steps:-

1- Go to Settings - Database Tables - then click on Import to upload CSV File.

2- Click on CSV File to Review and edit the file.

3- Go to the document type in which you want to map the database then click on edit fields.

4- Click on the setting icon in front of customer Name Database, then from data type dropdown select dropdown mapped and under value setting enable Index Value.

5- In the database dropdown select the CSV file you uploaded. In search based on key, enter the Key that can be used from the document to match in the database table, then select the respective column in the table and set the threshold percentage.

6- Similarly select other key Values and change the settings using the filter icon but in this case index value will remain disabled and search based on key will be the index value.

7- After making these changes click on save and close

8- Now to see the magic, upload a file and click on the review button. See how the selected fields get auto-populated from the database table and you get consistent organized extracted data.