Document Settings

The detail on each tabs:-

  1. General Tab


a) Assign Team:-

You can choose a team member to auto assign a specific document when the admin uploads one.


Assign is done equally among members randomly. Currently, we don't support the weight.


If a member uploads a document, the auto-assign feature won't work. Only Admin can auto-assign.

b) Notification:

An email is sent to the member who is assigned a document if the document is in the review queue for more than x hours from uploaded time.


Hours during the weekend (documents upload on around weekend GMT +) are not to this period.

  1. Pre-processing

  2. Import & Export

  3. Extraction

  4. Post-processing

You can write a total of 6 Python functions that will be executed on various stages of document processing. You can write other helper function and use inside these functions. Input each function is standard data dict and return also would be the same data.

##Alloweded Functions Names: