How to add/delete users (member/Admin)?

Add User

You can add using by going to user session from 'setting':-


  1. Go to user session and click on 'Add User':

  1. Fill up all the information


Members can only upload, review, approve and download documents. They cannot assign documents to other users, edit fields, enable or disable APIs, add or delete users.

  1. Users receive an email with a temporary password.

  1. When user login for first time, Docsumo will ask them to change the password. Once you do that, you are good to go.

Delete User

  1. You can delete user using the delete icon next to edit on the the user list


When a user is deleted, all the documents of that particular user are assigned to Super Admin (First Admin).


The first account with Docsumo is super admin. Super Admin cannot be deleted by other admin or can't be assigned to any other admin.
For all the purposes, super admin and admin have the same privilege except super admin cant be deleted.