How to auto-classify the documents?

You can enable auto-classification from 'API and Services' after you have upload at-least 20 documents on each document type.



  1. Enable documents from 'API and Services' or create a new document type.
  2. Upload at-least 20 documents on each document types.
  3. Click on train icon. An popup will appear. In the popup, select the document type you want to train.
  4. Click Next and click on Train. Wait for the training to be completed. It should take a maximum of 5 minutes.
  5. Once train is done, click the on Choose Version and choose version that has good metrics.
  6. Enable auto classification. Auto-classify is added to your document types.
  7. Documents uploaded to 'Auto-Classify' are automatically classified and extracted.
  8. You can also added more documents and retrain from 'API and Services'.


You need to upload at least 20 documents to select and train, otherwise the document types will be disabled in train popup.