How to get a temporary token on upload?

You can use temporary token to integrate docsumo with any workflow. Temporary token allows user to view the only review screen for that document.

Allowed action with temporary token

  1. User can view the document without login.
  2. Review document in review screen.
  3. Make change to any fields in review screen.
  4. Approve the document.
  5. View document on view only move


Except for the above actions, the user cant navigate to the next document or any other page inside docsumo.


  1. While uploading the file, add field review_token:true to form-data. When this field is added, you will get a token attached to review_url.

  2. Add &client=true to url and you can open it in a new tab or iframe. This will open screen like below

                                                      ` review_url`

review screen when open using temporary token and client=true

                                    `approved document`