How to make shareable link (review_token)?

You can make shareable link for any document uploaded to Docsumo.

Features of shareable token:

  1. Allow the user to open one document without login to Docsumo.
  2. Valid only for 24 hours.
  3. You can share two urls with client=true or without. If client parameters is not added, user can only view and edit value document but cant approve document. If client=true, the user also can approve document.

                                             _With client=True_

                                          _Without client=True_
  1. You can share link after document is approve so that user cant make any changes.
  2. Token is only valid for document, you cant access other document or resources with that token.


If you face blank screen issue, please open link in an incognito tab or on in a browser where you aren't logged in to Docsumo.

There are two ways of get the link:-

Get sharable link while uploading

Add key review_token in the form. You will get response with shareable link review url.

From the Review Screen

Click on the 'Share' button.

Happy Automation!