How to split documents?

You can split documents using a simple UI from the review screen.


  1. Upload a document and wait for it to be processed.

  1. Go to the review screen using the 'Review' icon or clicking on the document.

  1. Click on the scissor icon on the review screen.

  1. Click on the scissor icon and split the document into the required numbers of files.

  1. Check if the documents were split, you can split into more place using scissor icon as required.

  1. If you made mistake, no worries, just merge them back.

  1. Once you've split a document, you can click on auto-classify (this can be enabled from API & settingpage).


Auto classify will only show up, if enabled in 'API and Setting'. Please check How to auto classify the documents?.

  1. Your documents are re-uploaded to your account.

Happy Automation!

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