How to use test and prod mode

Test/Prod Mode

Why two different mode : test and production mode?

  1. Test Mode: This account was used to experiment with document configurations and determine the optimal settings based on user requirements. Only admin has access to this mode.
  2. Production Mode: Default mode when you login for first time. Once document type is pushed to this environment, it can be used by admin or member.

However, with the introduction of this new feature, the process of migrating configurations from the testing account to the production account can now be eliminated. Instead, all necessary steps can be performed within a single account.

How to switch between test mode and production mode?

  1. Hover your mouse in the profile section of the screen( located at the top right corner). Drop-down menu will be appeared.

  1. Click on Test mode to toggle between test and production mode. Once you enter the test mode a banner will appear. The banner notifies that you are in test mode.

How to pull the doc type from production mode to test mode.

If you have already created document type of your need in production but you want to play around it in test mode, here are the steps:

  1. While you are in test mode , click on Pull Document type from Production, a dialog box will then appear allowing you to select the document type you want to play in test mode.

  1. Select the document type to want to pull from the production mode and click pull

  1. New doc type is then pulled from the production to the test mode

Note: Instead of pulling the document type from production, you can create new document type in test mode as well.

How to get testing apikey and set testing webhooks?

Go to integration setting and setup webhooks for testing environment.

How to push document type from test mode to production mode?

Once you play around with the document type to find the best configuration settings you need, you can push this document type and its settings to the production mode.
Here are the steps to push the document type to production mode.

  1. Click on the Push to Production button of the document type on the test mode.

  1. Assign a unique name and confirm to push to the production.

  1. New document type is now appeared on the production mode.

⚠️ **API Key and Webhook URL are different for test and production mode.**

Activity logs

Activity logs show all the activities carried out in both production mode and test mode.
Activity carried out in the test mode will have Test Mode tag attached.

Step to view the activity logs

  1. Click on All Activity icon beside Product Tour button.

Filtering activity logs based on environment

We can also filter the activity logs based on the mode of environment( i.e production/test mode)

Here is the step:

  1. On activity logs screen, click on Filter by Environment icon and select the mode of your choice.


When document is pushed from testing to production. doc_type value changes. Please check doc_type by using filter on prod mode.