Jotforms ⬄ Docsumo , Data Inbound integration

Jotform independently provides in-house integration with many apps in the market, however, as of today they do not have the feature to trigger custom API calls.

We have considered Zapier to fill this gap, as we can integrate directly(in-house) from Jotform to Zapier and trigger based on Form Submissions.

Use case:

Customer wants their users to upload multiple documents with respect to any single company, and bulk upload the documents to respective Document Types in Docsumo on submission of Jotform. Customer intends to send a unique ID from Docsumo which needs to be prepended to the FileName of the document being uploaded.


Integrating Jotform with Zapier:

Search for Zapier in the integrations tab, and Sync with the existing account to fetch existing Zaps/create new Zaps. Existing Zaps will be listed in the “Your Zaps” section to integrate with Jotform.

We can integrate with Zapier webhooks to catch the outbound requests triggered on “Form Submission”.
We can configure the Zaps to send multiple POST requests from a single Jotform submission if required. Below images give an overview of the Zaps configured :

Trigger – On Submission of Jotform. We have considered uploading three documents for the PoC and the solution is applicable for any number of file uploads from a single JotForm.

Action #1- Send a POST request to Docsumo’s endpoint URL responsible for Uploading the documents from a given url. The below configuration will trigger a POST request with File #1’s url in the JSON request. For POC we have hardcoded the file name but it can be formed on the go with fields from the form. Action #1 uploads the document to “Invoice” Doctype based on “type”.

Action #2- Similar to Action #1, Send a POST request to Docsumo’s endpoint The below configuration is to upload the Bank statement using the 2nd file from the Jotform submitted. The payload will be different with respect to the doctype and the required filename, and the remaining configurations will be same.

Similarly, we have configured one more Action in the same Zap to upload a document for Profit and Loss. We could submit the forms and successfully upload the documents to Docsumo, almost immediately. We can also consider using Auto-Classify, but as the documents are going to be uploaded by the users to the respective Field in Jotform, we can lower the load on Docsumo (Correct if wrong).