Zapier Integration

We currently have an Alpha version of Zapier Integration.
Click on the below link and add it to your Zapier app list.

Link: Docsumo Zapier Integration


Triggers run when new items are added to a document list. Docsumo has two triggers:-

a) Get Document LIst - All

This trigger runs when a document is added to the Docsumo platform.


You can also add additional parameters to these triggers making sure that they run only when documents are added to a certain status or a document type.

b) Get Document LIst - Processed

This trigger runs when a document is added to 'processed' status to the Docsumo platform.


Actions push or put new data. Docsumo has two actions:-

a) Upload file

You can upload files using this action. You can connect any trigger to this. One such trigger can be when file is added to G-drive, Box or Dropbox, or Webhooks.

b) Extracted Data

This action pulls data using document id doc_id. You can combine this with Get Document LIst - Processed trigger so that when documents are pushed to processed, it pulls the data and pass to the next step.

Happy Integrating!