Document Lifecycle Stages

Every document in Docsumo has a certain status:
UI Status
JSON/Webhook Status
Review Skipped
Diagrammatic Representation of Document Status Change
When you first upload the document, the document goes into processing status, where our system tries to extract the data from the document.


Once the document is processed by our system, it goes into reviewing status.
You can view the files in the reviewing status by going to the Review tab .You can review the documents by clicking on Start Reviewing button.
View Files in Reviewing Status
You can also choose to review documents of a particular document type.
Review Documents of a particular document type
The user can view the data that has been extracted from the document from the review screen, shown below. Users can also make necessary corrections
Docsumo PDF Review Screen
Docsumo Spreadhseet Review Screen
Skipped or Review Skipped
Files that the user doesn't want to be reviewed, can be moved to Review Skipped. Files in this stage can later be moved to reviewing stage, if needed.
Skipped Document
Note: Documents in spreadsheets workflow cannot be skipped.


Once the user completes reviewing the data, they can click the Approve Button to move it to Processed Status.
Docsumo validates the data against different validation rules if any. The document is processed if there is no validation error.
Document not getting approved because of validation errors
In such cases, if you are sure about the correctness of the data, there is an option to approve the document with errors by clicking on double check icon, also known as approve with error, which is highlighted in red box in the figure above.
Conformation dialogue shown to user when approving document with error
In spreadsheet review screen, Approve acts both as Approve and Approve With Error, the document is approved normally if there are no errors. In case of validation errors, similar dialogue is shown, which lets the user approve the document with error.
Approving Document in Spreadhseet Workflow
You can further review the processed document, by opening the document and clicking on Start Review Note: The document can directly go from processing to processed, if Straight Through Processing(STP) is turned on and the extraction satisfies all the validation rules. STP cannot be turned on for spreadhseet workflow as of now. See More: How to download extracted data
When document are approved or approve with error status is same . We added new key to metadata approve_with_error:true. ​


When the document cannot be processed by our system due to different known or unknown technical reasons, the document goes into erred status. Hovering over the Erred message icon will show an error message, that indicates the reason for failure.
Erred Document with error message
Common reasons for errors are:
1. No data to extract If there is no data to extract from the document, which generally happens if the file is empty or in case of spreadhseets workflow, if there is no tabular region that we can extract. In such cases the document goes to error.
2. Timeout If a document takes more than 10 mins to process, then the document is sent to timeout. The user can manually retry the document processing in such cases. 3. Password protected or corrupt files If a file is password protected or corrupt. We cannot process the file further and it goes to erred status.
4. Extraction Error Sometimes there is issue while processing the documents in the server side. This might be due to error in extraction or Internal Server Error. These are the most common reasons why documents go to error.