How to use Docsumo: Explained in 2 Minutes

Docsumo autosaves invoice templates after each invoice is approved. The next time you upload an invoice from the same vendor, it automatically finds the template and uses that to extract data. This gives you much higher accuracy above the core machine learning algorithm. This is how it works -

1. Upload a Document

2. Review & Approve Extracted Data

Mark the fields that you would like to capture. Make sure you Approve (big white button on the bottom left) the invoice to save it a template. Only approved invoices are used as templates.

3. Upload Invoice From The Same Vendor

Note: This only works if you have Approved at least one invoice of the same format before uploading a similar invoice. Only approved invoices are treated as templates.
Now if you upload an invoice from the same vendor, Docsumo auto-detects the template and extracts data exactly how you extracted last time.
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