Webhook Notifications

The users can opt-in to be notified for every document status change by using webhook.
Reviewing: Webhook notification is sent when document status changes from processing to reviewing, or from processed to reviewing. The status of the file is set to reviewing Reviewing PDF Reviewing Spreadsheet Skipped: Triggered when the document is skipped. The status of the file is set to review_skipped Skipped PDF
Erred: Triggered when the document goes into erred. The status of the file is set to erred Error PDF Error Spreadsheet Approved: Triggered when the document is processed or approved, with or without error. The status is set to processed If the file was approved with error, a flag named, approved_with_error is set to true Approved PDF Approved with Error PDF Approved Spreadsheet Approved with Error Spreadsheet
Reviewing with Data: If this is checked on, data extracted from the document is also sent along when document is in reviewing state. Reviewing with Data PDF Reviewing with Data Spreadsheet All: Webhook notification is sent on every document status change.