Product Release | June 26, 2024

Auto Extract Value Mapping | Document Type Environment Improvements & Bug Fixes

New Updates

1. Auto-Extracted Value Mapping Now Available for Line Item Headers

Auto-Extracted Value Mapping feature addresses this issue by allowing users to link display labels to a consistent, predefined field. This ensures that data extraction remains unaffected by changes in display labels. Learn more on how to use auto-extract value mapping.

Benefits of Auto-Extracted Value Mapping

  • Data Consistency: Maintain the integrity and continuity of extracted data across document updates.
  • Flexibility: Change display labels without the risk of losing extracted data.
  • Efficiency: Reduce the need for manual reconfiguration of data extraction settings after label updates.

2. Upload Widget improvement

We have improve the upload modal widget for better accessibility and enhanced experience.

Fixes and improvements

1. Document Type Environment improvement

  • Automatic training support for duplicate document types.
  • Improved Bulk Upload in Document Type Environment .
  • Filter selection and UX improvements.
  • Enhanced search functionality in document type environment

2. Product Bug fixes