Get the detailed list of the documents in your account.


  • view: folder -> this add list of folder to list of files
  • folder_id: 4f546 -> only shows files inside the folder
  • limit: 200 -> total files to show
  • offset: 0
  • doc_type: invoice, other_QTZI -> document types to filter. You can get type in url while you filter in UI or get values from user detail document types.
  • status: review_required, processed, erred, new
  • q: words match in title of document. Allow partial match, like if q=event any document with event in title is returned.
  • sort_by: allowed sort by created date created_date.asc and created_date.desc
  • created_at: allowed filter on date range created_date=gte:yyyy-mm-dd&created_date=lte:yyyy-mm-dd
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