Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss refers to a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period

API Upload

The type parameter is p_and_l for the Upload endpoint.

Field Descriptions:

The model automatically detects data such as:

idStringRow number
descriptionStringDescription of line items
valueObjectMonthly values for a specific year. Json of Year Month: amount
totalNumberTotal value across all months
row_typeStringType of transaction (e.g., transaction_line)
coa_categoryStringChart of Accounts (COA) as per below table
coa_subcategory1StringFirst subcategory of the COA
coa_subcategory2StringSecond subcategory of the COA
categoryStringGeneral category (e.g., income, expense) that is present in raw file
subcategory1StringFirst general subcategory
subcategory2StringSecond general subcategory
subcategory3StringThird general

COA Categories For CRE

ExpenseOther ExpenseOther expenses
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeAdvertising And Marketing
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeLeasing
ExpensesExcluded ExpensesExcluded Expenses
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeTravel Or Meals And Entertainment
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeOffice Expenses
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeInterest Paid
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeManagment Fees
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeOther Taxes Or Assmnts
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeOffice Expenses
ExpensesGeneral And AdministrativeInsurance
ExpensesPayroll And BenefitsSalaries
ExpensesPayroll And BenefitsPayroll Taxes And Benefits
ExpensesProfessional FeesProfessional Fees
ExpensesRental ExpensesRent
ExpensesRepairs And MaintainanceBuilding Repairs And Maintainance
ExpensesRepairs And MaintainanceCleaning Or Turnover
ExpensesRepairs And MaintainanceLandscaping And Grounds
ExpensesUtilitiesFuel Or Gas
ExpensesUtilitiesTrash Removal
ExpensesUtilitiesWater And Sewer
ExpensesUtilitiesCabel And Internet
ExpensesUtilitiesGeneral Utilities
IncomeRental IncomeCommercial Income
IncomeExcluded IncomeExcluded Income
IncomeLaundry Or Vending IncomeLaundry Or Vending Income
IncomeOther IncomeOther Income
IncomeSalesSales Of Product
IncomeSalesSales Tax And Ammonts
IncomeVacancy And Collection LossVacancy
IncomeVacancy And Collection LossBad Debts
Net Operating IncomeNet Operating IncomeNet Operating Income

COA Categories For Business

ExpensesCost Of SalesLabour
ExpensesCost Of SalesManufacturing Distribution
ExpensesCost Of SalesMaterials
ExpensesCost Of SalesOther Cost Of Sales
ExpensesNon Operating ExpensesInterests Paid
ExpensesNon Operating ExpensesOther Non Operating Expenses
ExpensesNon Operating ExpensesProfessional Fees
ExpensesOperating ExpensesAllowances and Benefits
ExpensesOperating ExpensesAmortization
ExpensesOperating ExpensesBank Charges
ExpensesOperating ExpensesBuilding Rent Lease
ExpensesOperating ExpensesContract Services
ExpensesOperating ExpensesCost Of Good sold
ExpensesOperating ExpensesCustomer Aquisition Cost
ExpensesOperating ExpensesDepreciation Depletion
ExpensesOperating ExpensesEmployee Stock Compensation
ExpensesOperating ExpensesEmployee Wages
ExpensesOperating ExpensesEntertainment
ExpensesOperating ExpensesGeneral And Administration Cost
ExpensesOperating ExpensesInsurance
ExpensesOperating ExpensesLicense Or Permits
ExpensesOperating ExpensesMarketing
ExpensesOperating ExpensesOther Operating Expenses
ExpensesOperating ExpensesRepairs Maintenance
ExpensesOperating ExpensesResearch And Development
ExpensesOperating ExpensesSalaries
ExpensesOperating ExpensesSoftware
ExpensesOperating ExpensesSubscription Fees
ExpensesOperating ExpensesTaxes
ExpensesOperating ExpensesTravel
ExpensesOperating ExpensesUtilities
IncomeNon Operating IncomeInterest
IncomeNon Operating IncomeOther Non Operating Income
IncomeOperating IncomeGeneral Services
IncomeOperating IncomeNon Recurring Income
IncomeOperating IncomeProducts Merchandise
IncomeOperating IncomeRecurring Income


  • Majority of English language profit and loss


  • 1.0.0


Sample JSON Output

     "data": [
                "id": "0",
                "description": "Company Revenue",
                "value": {
                    "March 2022": 0.0,
                    "February 2022": 0.0,
                    "January 2022": 500000.0
                "total": 500000.0,
                "row_type": "transaction_line",
                "coa_category": "Income",
                "coa_subcategory1": "Non Operating Income",
                "coa_subcategory2": "Other Non Operating Income",
                "category": "income",
                "subcategory1": "",
                "subcategory2": "",
                "subcategory3": ""
                "id": "1",
                "description": "Total Income",
                "value": {
                    "March 2022": 0.0,
                    "February 2022": 0.0,
                    "January 2022": 500000.0
                "total": 500000.0,
                "row_type": "total_line",
                "coa_category": "Total",
                "coa_subcategory1": "Total",
                "coa_subcategory2": "Total",
                "category": "income",
                "subcategory1": "",
                "subcategory2": "",
                "subcategory3": ""