Assigned Team

The Assigned Team feature in your account enhances collaboration and ensures efficient distribution of workload among team members. This support document provides an overview of the key functionalities of the Assigned Team feature and how it can streamline your document processing workflow.

How to Configure Assigned Team Settings

Step 1: Access Document Types Page

  • Begin by navigating to the "Document Types" page within your application. Locate the document type to which you want to make changes.

Step 2: Access Document Type Settings

  • Click on the settings icon associated with the document type you wish to modify. This will grant you access to the settings related to that particular document type.

Step 3: General Settings

  • Within the document type settings, navigate to the "General" section. Here, you'll find the "Assigned Team".

Here you can setup:

  • Assigning Members
    The Assigned Member setting allows you to designate specific team members who will be responsible for handling documents of a particular type. This feature is especially useful when dealing with a variety of document types that require different levels of expertise or attention.
    By assigning members, you can ensure that the workload is evenly distributed, preventing overload on any one team member. New documents uploaded for processing will be automatically divided among the assigned members, promoting a balanced and efficient workflow.
  • Notify Users After X Hours of no Action.
    The "Notify Users After" setting is designed to keep the document processing workflow on track. With this feature, you can set a specific time threshold as hours, during which a document remains under review. If any document exceeds this specified review time, a notification email is automatically sent to the assigned team members.
    This notification serves as a helpful reminder, ensuring that documents are not left unattended for extended periods. It encourages prompt action, reducing processing delays and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Notify Additional Users
    In addition to notifying assigned team members, the Notify Additional Users feature provides the option to notify selected users outside the designated team. This is particularly useful when specific individuals, such as supervisors or managers, need to be informed about document processing progress.
    By including additional users in the notification loop, you can ensure transparency and accountability, keeping all relevant stakeholders informed about the status of document processing.

Voila! you have successfully configured notification settings to ensure timely document processing and review!