Review Screen Overview

The review screen is a central component of Docsumo, where you can review and validate the data extracted from their documents.

Here's an overview of the key elements and functionalities within the review screen:

Original Document View:

  • At the top of the review screen, you'll find the view of the uploaded document. This allows you to view the document's contents while reviewing the extracted data.

Extracted Data:

  • Aside the original document, you'll see the extracted data presented in a structured format.
  • Each field's value is displayed, making it easy to review and verify the accuracy of the extracted information.


  • You have the option to annotate the document to correct any inaccuracies or missing data.
  • Annotations can include modifying field values.
  • Drawing table grids.

Validation and Confirmation:

  • After reviewing the extracted data and making necessary annotations, you can validate and confirm the document.
  • Confirmation signifies that the document has been reviewed and the data is accurate.

Other Actions:

  • You can perform various other actions on the document review screen, such as downloading the extracted data.
  • Actions may also include skipping the document or re-run for validation post annotation.
  • Moving to the next/previous document without taking any action.