AI Assist

AI Assist is a powerful feature that can be utilised to accelerate the annotation process for custom document types where no pre-trained model is available. By leveraging AI Assist, you can annotate documents more efficiently and train machine learning (ML) models specific to your need.

How does AI Assist Work?

AI assist operates by using the field name you've specified in the field settings to identify and extract the most relevant information. Therefore, defining your fields accurately is crucial for optimal performance.

How to Enable AI Assist?

To utilise AI assist for custom document types or any other Pre-trained document types, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Extraction.

  • Open document type settings and head to "Extraction"
  1. Enable AI Assist .
    • Look for AI Assist and enable it by clicking the toggle.

That is it, you are now ready to start reviewing documents, AI assist will generate suggestions from here on.