Downstream Flow of Data

After the data is successfully extracted using, it's crucial to understand how to efficiently manage and utilise this data in your downstream processes. This support documentation provides insights into the methods available for managing the flow of extracted data.

Methods for seamlessly integrating extracted data into your downstream workflows:

  1. API Integration:

    • API integration allows you to connect Docsumo with external systems, applications, or databases.
    • This method ensures that your extracted data is easily accessible and usable across various platforms.
    • Here you can simply call an API to pull the extracted data using the document id, generated while uploading the same using an API.
  2. Webhook:

    • Webhooks provide real-time notifications when new data is extracted.
    • Learn how to set up webhooks to receive immediate updates on extracted data.
  3. Zapier Integration:

    • Zapier simplifies the automation of data transfer by creating "Zaps" between different applications.
    • Explore how to set up automated workflows that trigger data transfer actions.