Document Type Settings

Document Type Settings is a centralised hub where you can manage various configurations associated with your document processing workflow. These settings allow you to fine-tune each step of the process, ensuring seamless and efficient handling of documents.

What can you do inside document type settings?

  • General
    The General Settings encompass comprehensive configurations that shape the behavior of the document processing workflow. This section includes a range of choices, such as: assigned member, notifications, STP, disable, delete.
  • Pre-processing
    The pre-processing settings focus on preparing documents for efficient extraction and processing. Here, you can set up actions to be performed on documents before they enter the extraction phase. This includes tasks like: image quality, orientation correction, auto split, etc.
  • Import & Export
    The Import & Export settings control how documents are ingested into the system and how processed data is exported.
  • Extraction
    Extraction settings are crucial for defining how data is extracted from documents. These settings impact the accuracy and efficiency of the extraction process. Options include: base and advanced models
  • Post Processing
    Post-processing allows you to define actions to be taken after data extraction. This is essential for validating and refining extracted data. Write a custom code to customise, set data validation rules, data transformation, etc.

Achieve a lot more from document type settings. Checkout the documentation ahead for more details.