How to use the Table Grid?

We have removed the 'add line' and 'add similar line' from the table section and added 'use table grid'.

Benefits of Table Grid

  1. One-shot learning for a table, if table was extracted using grid.
  2. Auto segregation of columns and row once an area is selected for table.
  3. No of keystroke decrease by 90% and time by 80%.

How to use the Table Grid (Video):-

How to use the Table Grid (Steps):-

  1. Select line item and drag to draw a table grid.

  2. Row and columns should be separate automatically. If you want to add rows or columns, click on blue bar on the side and above of table. Click x to delete rows and columns.

  1. If you want to ignore certain row, click on 'X' that appears when you hover on that row.

  1. Assign the columns name. Not all columns need headers.

  1. After all columns are assigned, click on 'Apply Changes'.

  1. Your table is extracted.

Review if you had ignored any rows:-

  1. Click 'Approve' . Any new document uploaded from the same vendor will have one-shot learning for table too.

Happy data extraction!

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