Add/Edit Fields

Edit fields section provides the flexibility to define what data is to be extracted from various document types. Fields can represent key-value pairs or tables, allowing you to structure your data extraction precisely as needed. This feature offers several benefits, including:

  1. Field Names: Field settings ensure consistent and fixed field names, making it easier to handle and consume extracted data uniformly.

  2. Data Type Specification: You can specify data types for fields to improve extraction accuracy. For example, defining date formats for better recognition and presentation of information that will be extracted.

  3. Validation and Custom Processing: Write validation rules and custom processing logic for fields to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

  4. Section-Based Categorisation: Organise fields into sections to categorise and manage them effectively, streamlining your data extraction workflow.

How to Add or Update Fields:

Follow these steps to add or update fields in Docsumo:

Step 1: Access Edit Fields

  • Navigate to the "Document Type" page in your Docsumo account.
  • Locate the document type card for which you want to configure fields.
  • Click on "Edit Fields" on the document type card.

Step 2: Add/Edit Fields

  • In the "Edit Fields" section, you can add new fields or edit existing ones.
  • Add new sections to categorise data points.

Step 3: Select Data Type

  • For adding the name for each field, select the appropriate data type from the dropdown menu. This helps Docsumo understand your expectation better and format the data correctly.

Step 4: Define Custom Settings

  • Depending on your extraction requirements, define any custom settings for the field. This includes specifying date formats, number formats, custom validation rules, etc.

Step 5: Save & Close

  • After configuring the field settings, click "Save & Close" to apply the changes.

Step 6: Select Data Set for the Changes

  • Upon saving the changes, a popup will appear on the screen, prompting you to select the documents to which you want to apply these modifications. Choose the relevant documents and confirm your selection.

By following these steps, you can precisely configure field settings for your document types in Docsumo. This feature empowers you to structure, validate, and process extracted data according to your specific needs, ensuring accurate and efficient document processing.