How to change the order of fields.

Changing the Order of Fields on the "Edit" Screen
You can simply drag and drop fields to change the order of fields on the "Edit Fields" screen, which is where you define and modify the fields for extraction.
Follow these simple steps to change the order of fields for your extraction:

Step 1: Navigate to the Edit Fields Screen
Go to the "Edit Fields" screen, where you define and configure your fields.

Step 2: Drag and Drop Fields

  • To change the order of fields, click and drag the field you wish to move to the desired location in the list.
  • Release the mouse button to drop the field in its new location.
  • The order of the fields on the "Edit" screen is now updated.


You can also drag a field from one section and drop it into another section. This allows for a flexible arrangement of fields to suit your specific document processing needs.


Sections Cannot Be Reordered: Note that while you can rearrange fields, the sections themselves cannot be reordered.