Additional Parameters

The additional parameters to customise the bank statement document type

The list of parameters that can be used in the document type to enable/disable features or configure the extraction of the documents.

All Additional Parameters:

The Bank Statement document type supports the following additional parameters:

Parameter nameDescriptionDefault valuePossible values
date_formatSet the date format to parse the dates in the specified format in transaction tables or account info (start and end date).mmddyyddmmyy mmddyy
limitThe number of pages to process.20max: 75
regionThe config support for specific regions.general
strict_rerunInclude missing signs, decimals, and daily balance checks in the re-run validation step.falsetrue
use_digitalPick the digital data if present in the document, if not then only process with the internal OCR.falsetrue
strict_stpIncluding date tally check for determining STP for a document.falsetrue
enable_categoryEnable the transaction data enrichment. It allows the populating of categories, subcategories, and merchants for each transaction in the tables.falsetrue
world_bsSupport for World Bank statements enables the processing of documents in languages other than English. This feature can extract transaction tables and account information in their native languages.falsetrue
llm_kvEnable LLM for picking KV data.false (true when world_bs is set to true)true
detect_fraudEnable bank statement-level fraud checks on documents.falsetrue
model_pathThe path of the KV Model to be used.path to the model in the bucket

Description of Additional Parameters

  1. Date Format
    • The format of dates that will be parsed and displayed in the transaction tables and account info/key-value pairs(start and end dates)
    • The default value is mmddyy, the other option is ddmmyy
  2. Limit
    • The number of pages that should be processed.
  3. Region
    • The region-specific config for header mapping of the columns in transaction tables
    • The default value is general, other possible options could be the country codes like:
      • us for United States of America (general)
      • in for India
      • it for Italy
      • nl for Netherlands
      • es for Spain
      • de for Germany
      • at for Austria
      • dk for Denmark
      • fr for France
      • gr for Greece
      • no for Norway
      • se for Sweden
      • ch for Switzerland
      • ie for Ireland
      • ph for Philippines
      • id for Indonesia
  4. Strict Re-Run
    • While the re-run validation, enable the checks for
      • Missing Signs
      • Missing Decimal
      • Daily Balance Check
    • This makes re-run validation more robust for any mistake made while editing fields.
  5. Use Digital
    • Pick the digital data in the document for processing.
    • If digital data is not present then only use the data from internal OCR.
    • The digital data is given priority since the OCR extraction might not be precise or accurate enough in low-quality images or documents. The precision of the signs, decimals, and characters might have been missed by extraction, which could be important in the context of the field being extracted.
  6. Strict STP
    • Use the date tally checks into consideration as well while calculating STP for the document.
    • By default, only documents that have passed tallying and have high confidence in all key-value (KV) fields/transaction table rows are set to the Processed status, which is Straight Through Processing (STP). By adding strict_stp, the document will also undergo date tallying checks.
  7. Enable Category
    • Enable populating of category, subcategory, and merchant for each transaction row in the table.
  8. World BS
    • Enable parsing and populating data/transaction tables in languages other than English.
    • If the document is in a different language, such as French or German, the headers for transaction tables and the key fields for key-value (KV) data need to be determined based on the language detected in the document. Therefore, if the world_bs flag is set, the tables and KV data are mapped according to the language extracted from the document.
  9. LLM KV
    • Enable the KV data to be populated with the help of LLM
    • The flag is enabled internally when the world_bs is set as true
  10. Detect Fraud
    • Enable checks on the document for potential fraud or anomaly.
  11. Model Path
    • The path of the model that will be used for getting the key-value (KV) fields.