What is confidence score?

The confidence score is a valuable indicator that informs you about the system's level of confidence in the accuracy of extracted field values. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the document processing workflow by providing you with insights into the quality of data extraction.

How Confidence Scores Work

High Confidence (Green Tick): When the system is highly confident in the accuracy of a field value extraction, you will see a green tick icon alongside the extracted key value. This indicates that the system is confident that the information is accurate and likely does not require manual intervention.

Low Confidence (Yellow Eye Icon): Conversely, when the system's confidence in the extracted field value is low, you will see a yellow eye icon alongside the key value. This signals that the system believes there may be some level of uncertainty in the extraction. You should review these entries as they may require manual verification.

The Importance of Confidence Scores

Confidence scores are a powerful tool for you as they:

Enhance Data Accuracy: You can quickly identify which field values have a high likelihood of being accurate and which ones might need further review.

Boost Efficiency: By focusing manual verification efforts on entries with low confidence scores, you can streamline their document processing tasks.

Minimise Errors: The system's confidence score helps reduce the risk of erroneous data being accepted without review.

In summary, confidence scores in Docsumo provide valuable guidance to you, helping them prioritise their document review efforts effectively. By paying attention to these scores, you can make data extraction more accurate, efficient, and reliable.

Where to configure the Confidence Score?

You can simply set the confidence score in the field settings for any field that you are extracting. The confidence score set is specific to that field only, for other fields you will need to change the value in their field settings.