Field Settings

You have the ability to fine-tune data extraction for each field using field level settings. These settings allow you to configure how data is extracted, displayed, and validated.

Where can you find field settings?
You can find the field settings on the edit fields screen for any document type, placed inside the 3 dot menu beside the field data type.
Field settings are different for all the fields you add.

Here's a breakdown of the available settings:

Basic Settings:

  1. Display Label: This is the user-friendly name of the field. It's what you see when viewing extracted data.
  2. Data Type: Specify the data type of the field. This can be a string, number, OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), and more. Defining the correct data type helps Docsumo process and display the data accurately.
  3. Default Value: In cases where no data is extracted, you can set a default value to be displayed. This ensures that even if extraction fails, you have a fallback value.
  4. Auto Extracted Value: Map the field to predefined auto-extracted values. Docsumo's system is trained to recognise these values, making it easier to capture standardized information.

Advanced Settings:

  1. Mandatory Field: Make a field mandatory. If no data is extracted for a mandatory field, an error is displayed, ensuring essential data is captured.
  2. Unique Field: Define a field as unique, preventing duplicate values for that field within the same document type.
  3. Confidence Score: Specify a confidence score threshold. If the confidence score for data extraction falls below this threshold, Docsumo can indicate low confidence, helping you identify fields that may need manual verification.
  4. AI Assist Help Text: Provide help text for AI Assist. This assists in generating the most suitable output suggestions for the field, especially when a specific model isn't trained for it. This information can accelerate the annotation process.
  5. Custom Post-Processing: Define custom post-processing logic for the field. This allows you to further refine the extracted data based on your specific requirements.
  6. Validation Rule: Specify validation rules for the field. Validation rules ensure that the extracted data adheres to certain criteria, such as a specific format or range.

By utilising these Field Level Settings, you can customize how data is extracted, processed, and validated, ensuring accurate and consistent results in your document processing workflows with Docsumo.