All Model Training

All Models is a vital section within the application, allowing you to train, manage, and optimise their models for automated data extraction. This support document aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the All Models section, outlining its key functionalities and how you can effectively utilise it to improve their document processing workflows.

  1. Training a Model:
    The option to train a new model allows you to create and customise machine learning models for specific document types. By training a new model, you can teach Docsumo how to intelligently extract data from un-structured documents.
  2. Enabling Existing Models with a Document Type:
    In All Models, you can enable existing models with specific document types. This functionality enables efficient management of different document formats and data extraction requirements. By associating models with document types, you can ensure that each document is processed with the appropriate model, leading to higher accuracy and better results.
  3. Manage Existing Models:
    Here in Models and Training you can oversee and administer all the models you have trained.
  4. Reports:
    Reports empower you to assess the performance of your trained models. This provides valuable insights into the model's accuracy.

All Models section within Docsumo is an indispensable tool if you are seeking to streamline document processing and automate data extraction tasks effectively. By leveraging this feature, you can create, manage, and optimise machine learning models to handle a wide range of document types, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Whether it's training new models, linking them with document types, managing existing models, or evaluating accuracy reports, Docsumo's Models and Training section empowers you to achieve superior results in your document processing workflows.