World Bank Statement

Support for extraction of different languages in bank statement

What is the World Bank Statement feature?

The World Bank statement feature optimizes the extraction of bank statement documents from various regions, including a focus on Europe and India. This functionality ensures precise processing and extraction of documents from these regions, and others around the globe, including those in commonly used regional languages. Additionally, the feature is adept at extracting information from documents originating in diverse regions and languages.

Why use the World Bank Statement

For accurate extraction of bank statements in languages other than English, it's advisable to utilize the world_bs additional parameter in the document type. In cases where the document is in a language such as French, German, and others, the headers for transaction tables, as well as the key fields for key-value pair (KV) data, must be determined based on the language detected in the document. Therefore, by enabling the World Bank statement feature, tables, and KV data are mapped according to the language detected in the document.

Use case for using the World Bank statement feature:

  • Document with language other than English.
  • Document types can have different languages, avoiding multiple document types for each language.

How to enable World Bank Statement

The world_bs flag allows the system to extract account information and transaction tables in different languages. This flag would take into effect on retired documents and newly uploaded documents in that document type in which it was set.

Enabling the world_bs parameter allows the automatic extraction of fields and tables from newly uploaded bank statements in a recognized language or region.