What are the keyboard shortcuts that I can use on the edit and review screen?

Docsumo offers a set of keyboard shortcuts to enhance your workflow and improve your document processing efficiency. These shortcuts provide quick access to various functions within the application.

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts in Edit & Review Screen and their respective functions:

Confirm Document: Press Cmd+Shift+Enter (Mac) to confirm and save the current document.

Skip Document: Press Cmd+Right Arrow (Mac) to skip the current document and move to the next one in the queue.

Re-run Document: Press Cmd+Opt+R (Mac) to re-run the extraction process for the current document.

Next Document: Press Cmd+Shift+Right Arrow (Mac) to navigate to the next document in the queue.

Previous Document: Press Cmd+Shift+Left Arrow (Mac) to navigate to the previous document in the queue.

Edit Fields: Press Cmd+Shift+E (Mac) to access the "Edit Fields" screen, where you can define and modify the fields for data extraction.

Split Document: Press Cmd+Shift+S (Mac) to split the current document into multiple sections.

Search Canvas: Press Cmd+F (Mac) to activate the search function, allowing you to search for specific content within the document.

Undo the Last Action: Press Cmd + Z (Mac) to undo the most recent action, providing a quick way to revert changes.

Redo the Last Undo: Press Cmd + Z (Mac) to undo the most recent action, providing a quick way to revert changes.

Deselect Any Fields: Press Esc (Mac) to deselect any selected fields or exit the active text box or field.

Zoom In: Press Cmd + (+) (Mac) to zoom in on the document, making it easier to view and review details.

Zoom Out: Press Cmd + (-) (Mac) to zoom out and get a broader view of the document.

Zoom to Fit: Press Opt + F (Mac) to zoom the document so that it fits within the canvas.

Split Screen: Press Shift + S (Mac) to activate the split-screen mode, which can be helpful for comparing and reviewing documents side by side.

Next Option (Advance the cursor to the next tab stop): Press Tab

These keyboard shortcuts are designed to improve your experience with Docsumo, allowing for quick and convenient access to key functions and actions. Utilizing these shortcuts can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your document processing tasks.

If you have any questions about these keyboard shortcuts or encounter any issues while using them, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance.