Color Coding

Color coding feature in Docsumo quickly helps in identifying and differentiating various types of information. This is particularly important when dealing with large volumes of data, where the ability to visually differentiate between different types of information can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy.

Here is how to use color coding in Docsumo to efficiently assist you in your extraction and analysis:

1. Identify Extracted Fields:

  • Green color highlights the fields with high confidence for accurate extraction and reliable analysis.
  • Red highlights the errors or inconsistencies to quickly address any issues that may arise.

2. Indicate Confidence Level:

  • Yellow highlights the fields with low confidence, indicating the need for further verification before relying on the data for decision making.

3. Differentiate Credit and Debit Balances:

  • Blue indicates credit balances and purple for debit balances to visually navigate and differentiate between different types of financial transactions.

Utilise color coding to highlight specific data points, enhances the user experience and improves the efficiency of data validation.